Vietnam Government Officials Corruption

Government Officials Corruption in Vietnam

Government Officials Corruption in Vietnam
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  1. curruption in vietnam

    This movie is about the corruption in vietnam that taking in the place of Hanoi city.

  3. Arrest of Banking Tycoon Sends Vietnam Reeling (LinkAsia: 9/7/12)

    • by linktv
    • 9 months ago
    Vietnamese businessman Nguyen Duc Kien has been arrested for corruption, but is he just the tip of the iceberg? Contributor 
  4. Corruption in Vietnam – 01

    Trong vài năm gần đây, đã có khá nhiều doanh nhân, tập đoàn, công ty nước ngoài bị chính quyền của họ khởi tố, truy tố, rồi bị 
  5. Cong An Canh Sat Tham Nhung – Police Corruption in Vietnam Chiều 4/4, trao đổi với VnExpress, đại úy Nguyễn Quang Hòa, thừa nhận là người lái chiếc xe 31A 
  6. Corruption in Vietnam Securency

    • by tnv382
    • 3 years ago
    Corruption in Vietnam Securency.

  8. Corrupt official extradited from Vietnam

    Following a 20-day investigation, shamed official, Song Jianzhong, was arrested by police in Vietnam this week. Song, who is the
  9. Corrupt Cops – Can you see the Vietnam cop take the bribe?

    This is a video of a Vietnam Police Officer (Local Security) taking a bribe/pay off. Watch carefully and see if you can see the money 

  11. Business Opportunities in Vietnam – Cơ hội kinh doanh tại Việt Nam – Natural Ground Roasted Coffee – Cà phê rang xay nguyên chất Vietnam’s economic freedom score is 51, making 
    • HD
  12. Anti Corruption Final

    • HD
  13. SECURENCY – AUSTRALIAN CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA A short clip from the ABC (Australia) documentary ‘Dirty Money’ which spotlights the corrupt tactics 
  14. Australian Army Corruption of Service Records

    For 28 years, the Australian Army said there was no official record that Pte Don Tate had been posted to the 9th Battalion (9RAR).
    • HD
  15. krisphilippe



  16. PH found less corrupt — survey

    The Philippines is perceived to be less corrupt than its neighbors Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh. In Transparency 


  1. Vietnam – Business Anti-Corruption Portal

    Alexa Traffic Rank for 1,952,723…/vietnam/

    Corruption has moved up on the political agenda in Vietnam, and the legal A new law requires senior government officials and members of the National

  2. Corruption in VietNam | The blog is all about the corruption in VietNam

    Alexa Traffic Rank for 23,080,

    May 1, 2008 – The main points in this movie are Vietnamese government they claim an increasingly corrupt city, and when government officials agree to be

  3. Vietnam set to end corruption by all means – Thanhnien News

    Alexa Traffic Rank for 276,329…/20120627-vietnam-set-to-end-corruption-b…

    Jun 27, 2012 – A typical sign of corruption in Vietnam was government officials having “abnormal” assets and incomes. But verifying them was a “huge” task,

  4. Land-grabs in Vietnam: Losing the plot | The Economist

    Mar 16, 2013 – Anger rises over corrupt local officials “The government is seizing it,” says Ms Duc, an 80-year-old activist and retired primary-school teacher.

  5. Corruption Undermines Vietnam’s Stimulus Program – TIME

    Feb 23, 2009 – It appears that many of the cash handouts were pocketed by corrupt local officials.(See pictures from the 1979 border war between Vietnam

  6. Vietnamese Fight Back Against Cop Corruption – TIME

    Mar 25, 2009 – As the economic downturn squeezes Vietnam’s once-fierce They are incensed, he says, that corrupt officials are rarely punished for taking bribes. The government won’t confirm whether attacks on police are on the rise,

  7. Corruption from the Perspectives of Citizens, Enterprises and Public

    Alexa Traffic Rank for 5,159…/corruption-from-the-perspectives-of-citizens-ent…

    Nov 20, 2012 – Corruption from the Perspectives of Citizens, Enterprises and Public Officials. Victoria Kwakwa, Country Director, World Bank in Vietnam

  8. [PDF]

    Corruption from the Perspective of Citizens, Firms and – World Bank

    Alexa Traffic Rank for 5,…/738070REVISED0000January02013000EN…

    Mar 13, 2013 – in Vietnam is still quite serious. Corruption is so common among state agencies, state officials, citizens and firms, between employees of public

  9. VIETNAM Hanoi cracks down on corruption among public officials

    Alexa Traffic Rank for 149,549…/Hanoi-cracks-down-on-corruption-among-publicoff

    May 5, 2010 – Vietnam is the second most corrupt nation in Southeast Asia after Indonesia. Government officials are often too wealthy in relation to their

  10. Vietnam police, land officials most corrupt: survey – ANN

    Nov 21, 2012 – Vietnam police, land officials most corrupt: survey published yesterday by the World Bank and the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam.

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